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Mister P and Nevat, When Farming Gets Real

Mister P, our resident Pekin duck, and Nevat, our Great Pyrenees puppy, have an interesting relationship. Since day one, Mister P has had it in for Nevat. He travels great lengths to let Nevat know who's boss. Surprisingly, Nevat is quite accepting of this fact.

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Happy Mother's Day!

Who taught us about patience, caring, and compassion,

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Saving a Piglet

On Saturday I wrote about Bianca's farrowing and the fact that one of the piglets didn't survive. I learned from the piglet's death that piglets are extremely fragile when first born, highly susceptible to cold, and if not immediately cared for will most likely expire through no fault of their own. 

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Ossabaw Piglets

It's spring on the farm and we've got babies poppin' out everywhere. Today Bianca farrowed her litter of piglets. Of course, she chose a day where the high temp has been 50 degrees and it's been pouring rain. She looked ready yesterday, so I figured today or tomorrow would be the day. I've been bringing the gilts (female pigs that have not yet farrowed) a bale of hay everyday so they could build their nests and stay dry in all this rain and unseasonably cold weather. They eat a lot of the hay, so it's important to keep them well-stocked.

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Core Values

What we stand for:

  • Raising and serving our community healthy, nutrient-dense food
  • Providing our animals with a natural and humane environment
  • Using nature to guide our animal husbandry practices
  • Seeking methods that limit the use of outside inputs
  • Adopting practices that utilize the full cycle of nature and minimize waste

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