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Tagged "Recipes"

FARM FOOD - squash blossom fritters

Have you been eating your flowers? There's a special joy that only comes after popping a beautiful bloom into your mouth and discovering that the flavor is just as exquisite as it's colorful beauty. If you've never tried them, never fear! After last week's love for my squash blossom Instagram post, I decided to induct as many of you as would like to join me to the joys of being a "floravore" with this simple recipe.

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Custardy Oven Pancake With Berries

Once upon a time we had only 4 chickens. One was our rooster, Elvis, and the other three were our laying hens, Sassy, Wynonna, and Freja. Freja, (the special green egg laying chicken - purchased especially for this quality) doesn't lay, so really, only two of our 4 chickens actually produce eggs. During the summer and fall, this was fine and we had all of the eggs we needed. Then winter came and, well, lets just say we were lucky to get 2 eggs a week! As Scrapple recounted last week, this egg shortage is no longer an issue and now, instead of rationing our eggs, we find ourselves with the fortunate challenge of trying to find various ways to use all 5 dozen a week up! 
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"Tomorrow", An Old Time Recipe For New Year's Leftovers

We had a little get together yesterday to celebrate the New Year. We had such a great time showing the farm to new friends and old and feasting on traditional southern New Years fare. We cooked up a storm, our friends did the same, and before long the kitchen was overflowing with all sorts of deliciousness including black-eyed peas, cornbread, and turnip greens. Of course, we had leftovers, and this time, we also had a plan for them! 
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To Your Health! Eggnog, Raw And Fresh

What is the month of December without Eggnog?

Eggnog is one of those foods I would indulge in year round if possible. When the holidays roll around and that little creamy yellow carton of joy shows up in the supermarket once again, I can't help but feel conflicted emotions. One is pure joy accompanied by a gluttonous urge to grab the carton and guzzle it right there in the shop. The other is sadness and dismay when remember how seriously unhealthy it is for you. I actually look at the ingredients every year. Yes, I've read them many times before and I'm well aware of what I'll find before I look, but for whatever reason I'm eternally hopefully that someone has granted my wish of an eggnog that I could sip on more than once or twice in the month of December without feeling like I'm doing myself a serious disservice.

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Whole Goat's Milk Ricotta, only 15 minutes a-whey! (with this recipe)

Sorry, I couldn't help myself (so sooo punny!). Why the "whole" in the title? Ricotta is actually traditionally made from the whey left over after cheesemaking, hence the "ri" (re) "cotta" (cooked). You acidify the whey or wait until it has acidified naturally after sitting for a few hours at room temp (the cultures from your first batch of cheese are still working away in there!) and then heat until the remaining curd begins to precipitate from the whey.
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