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Bean Soup with Lemon Paprika Oil

bean, soup, lemon, paprika, infused, oilUsually by January's end I've made dozens of bean soups. This year however, we had yet to enjoy our first until this weekend. It has been a winter of eerily mild weather. This past Saturday it was close to 60f and Scrapple and I went to the farmers market half dressed in tee-shirts. Finally though, on Sunday, the temperature dropped enough to cook one up. Bean soups are best for cold days when you just want to snuggle up under a quilt next to a fire. They're hearty and filling, warming and comforting and one of my favorite winter staples. A pot simmering on a Sunday afternoon makes the kitchen a cozy spot to read or write and the meal practically cooks itself. If you have less time at home in the evening, you can speed up the process by putting the beans in water to soak in the morning and letting them sit for the day. If you do this, you can cut the cook time down to 30-45 minutes. Be sure to test the beans for doneness. 
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DIY Holiday Gifts - Gingerbread Stout and Honeyed Goat Butter Caramels

diy gifts, candy, caramels, beerHomemade Gingerbread Stout and Goat Butter and Honey Caramels
It's the final countdown - the home stretch! Are you ready!? No? Ha - well, neither are we! Almost, but not quite. With all of the excitement around these parts over the past few weeks, I still have a few loose ends to tie up, or in this case, twist up. Inspired by a booming resurrection of homemade sweets in Brooklyn, I decided to conquer my fear of boiling lava-like sugar (lets face it - EVERYONE has a horror story) and try my hand at candy making. Even if it had been borderline harrowing, the swoon inducing results by themselves would have been enough for me to try to convince you to give it a try, but seeing as it actually turned out to be easy and scare-free, you officially have no excuse not to indulge - especially if you're running short on your gift list. You can do it!
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DIY Holiday Gifts - Mulled Wine Sachets

mulled wine, diy gift, sachet, spiced wineGot lots of craft and no cash? Got a farm to save for? Well, you're in good company! Scrapple and I have decided to make all of our gifts this season and over the next few days I'll be sharing a few of the goodies we'll be packing up for family and friends. First up - Mulled Wine Sachets. Scrapple's mulled wine has become the stuff of legends after being our holiday party go-to for the past 2 years. When it's cold outside, nothing beats a steaming cup of the good stuff - bring on the holiday cheer!
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Maple Bourbon Autumn Butter

sweet dumpling squash, winter squash, apple butter, squash butter, autumn butter, bourbonIt's that time of the year again! Our CSA share is overflowing with braising greens and root veggies, winter squash and apples. The leaves have turned and it's time to snuggle up indoors with a hot cup of tea and toast with.... Autumn Butter! What the hay is Autumn Butter? It's one of my half-cocked experiments that, thankfully, turned out to be a delicious treat. It is a cross between apple butter and pumpkin pie with a spicy twist and a boozy kiss - great on toast, meat, cheese, and ice cream. I made it in the crock pot where it simmered away for 6 hours, filling the apartment with the most delicious seasonal perfume. Give it a try! 
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The Next Charcuterie Adventure - Guanciale

Our guanciale covered in cure.
Charcuterie - it's up there at the top of my list with cheese and chocolate. I'd love to have a steady supply of the stuff (made from good, pastured pork) at the ready for a tasty snack or sandwich! Unfortunately, here in BK, well-made artisanal charcuterie is EEEKSpensive and we rarely indulge. 
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