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Weird & Wonderful Uses For Hand-Aid

Hand-Aid. It's The Balm.

As its name suggests, Hand-Aid is designed to help heal and repair your hands. But, did you know that Hand Aid can help heal and repair skin on practically any body part that’s in need?

In our latest post we dish on the best Hand-Aid hacks you don't already know about.

Let's start with the weirdest AND most wonderful... 

Hand-Aid for Nose

Friends, this one's a game changer! When the temps start to drop I wake up every morning with a dry and crusty nose. In addition to being uncomfortable and itchy, that dry, cracking skin is the perfect place for bacteria and viruses to jump on in.

Take a cue from the ancient Ayurvedic practice of nasya (or nose oiling) by lightly rolling a Q-tip across the surface of your Hand-Aid and very gently massaging into the inside of your nostril (just the first 1/2 inch or so - no need to make like a COVID swab!) before bed. You’ll wake up feeling 100x less irritated and help protect your nasal passages as well. Win win!


Hand-Aid for Feet

Ever experienced that painful cracking between your toes? Rough calluses? Cracking heels? Hand-Aid to the rescue! Apply a small amount of Hand-Aid to your feet before you go to bed, and a light application after showering, or prior to putting on your socks, and your feet will thank you. For more intense cracking, apply a generous amount before bed and cover up with socks for the night several times a week . 


Hand-Aid for Elbows

Arms and elbows need love and repair, especially after a long, hot summer. For rough skin on elbows, Hand-Aid can be applied throughout the day as needed, and will perform best when also applied before bed and after showering. As a side note, if you struggle with Keratosis Pilaris, a combination of washing with our Activated Charcoal Bar Soap and then applying Hand-Aid or Essential Body Oil after washing will help eliminate your KP!


Hand-Aid for Lips

Our Lip Salves are the cure for your winter dry lip woes, but in a pinch our Hand-Aid can do the trick! We love the dual-purpose nature of both our Hand-Aid and our Lip Salves. Lip Salves are slightly heavier, for enhanced staying power throughout the day. Our Hand-Aid is slightly lighter for rapid absorption during your workday.

Have a Hand-Aid tip to share? Be sure to leave a review and tell us all about it!


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