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Zero Waste Holiday Guide

What Happens When You Check the Box?

Have you noticed the little "Zero Waste" checkboxes on our product listings?

They're super cool and are literally helping save the Planet, so let's explore how to use them!

 Zero Waste Holiday Guide 

 Option 1

Shopping for Gifts?

If you're sharing the Little Seed love and would like your items to arrive in their packaging, please do not check the zero waste boxes during checkout.


 Option 2

Shopping for Yourself AND for Gifts?

Snagging something for yourself, and also planning on sharing with others? Good for you!

Check the 1st box on any products that you want to ship zero waste. Leave both boxes unchecked on any products that you'd like to gift with their full packaging.   

 Option 3

2nd Zero Waste Box Checked - All products in your order will be without their exterior packaging

Stocking Up On Your Faves?

Making Your Own Zero Waste Gift Set?

Awesome! Check the 2nd box to make your entire order zero waste. 

Please remember that some of our products (such as Soaps and Serums) have ingredients and instructions printed on the box, and that by choosing zero waste you (or the recipient) will need to visit our website to find that information


A Note On Gift Sets


As we pre-pack our sets and bundles, they cannot be made zero waste.

If you select zero waste on an order with a gift set, you won't receive any marketing materials and we'll still use our amazing compostable packing peanuts, but all of the products in the gift set will have their boxes.

If you'd like, you can create your own zero waste gift set by ordering the individual products zero waste and then bundling them at home with a sustainable pouch or basket.  


For more details about shopping Zero Waste

Check out our primer HERE



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