Everybody Is Growing Up... Again

It's already feeling like Summer over here in our neck of the woods, but the Spring rains are just finally coming to visit. We've been getting afternoon boomers that make the pups playful and our squash plants happy. The lightning bugs have been spectacular.

Everyone is growing up! Our Spring goat babies are now a rowdy pack of teenagers and our two Livestock Guardian Pups in-training are finally with the herd, working with our established team and learning the ropes. We're so proud!

Speaking of proud, George is a little gardening fiend. His favorite tool is the hoe and he's become pretty efficient at using it to demolish the crabgrass sprouts that are popping their little fingers out of our garden soil every day. He may have also maimed several of our bean plants, but, hey - for only 20 months in this world, I think he's doing pretty well. Every morning we go to water and weed the garden together before breakfast. I treasure this time with him, watching him discover worms and teaching him the names of the plants we're growing. Every day he surprises me with some newly grasped understanding of the world around him and I feel so blown away by what an honor it is to witness a little person coming into their own. 

- Eileen

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