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Goats For The Win!

Over the past 2.5 years we've literally worked day in and day out to get our feet on the ground and the farm established. From our very first blog post while we were still city dwellers, we've been on a mission fueled by love and passion for our environment, our community, and each other. It hasn't been easy, but by the end of 2013 James was able to quit his day-job and throughout the summer we started to see a light at the end of the tunnel as more and more customers fell in love with our soaps and the business edged closer to reaching a point of financial sustainability. It's a huge step for us and we're so proud and happy to see Little Seed growing and so thankful for all of your support and encouragement along the way.

All of that hard work has brought us to a critical point this week. A very exciting email came through and we were notified that West Elm selected US to be one of 21 finalists for a $25,000 business grant! 

With the proceeds from this grant we could push Little Seed to the next level. We would use the grant to purchase critical new equipment and also bring on a part-time or full-time employee. It would truly be a game-changer for this small farm business of ours. It would also be pretty awesome for not only a small farm, but a goat dairy to win the whole thing! As you know, we love our goats!

The voting takes place at and if you vote and then share on Facebook your vote will count double. 

We'd be so honored if you took a couple minutes to help support us! Please vote and spread the word: #voteforgoats! 

Your loyal farmers,

Eileen & James

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