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New Season, New Site, New Dorm Fridge... err Cheese Cave

yes - we said "cheese cave"
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Attack of the Spider Mites, Revenge of the Hop Rhizome

Chinook Rhizome Re-Sprouting Hop Vines

As you can see, my hop plant has re-emerged, and with it my hopes to one day brew with homegrown hops. Earlier this year spider mites attacked and devastated my lone hop plant (of the Chinook variety). You can see the carnage on top of the soil where the new shoots are sprouting. Everything was going fine, the plant was growing extremely fast, I already trellised it up and across the window (it was probably a good 15-20ft long if I unravelled it), and then one day the bottom leaves

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Grandkids Horrified by Antiquated Views

I read a couple recent articles about Jackie O’s grandkids being “horrified” by revelations that their grandmother got "all her opinions from her husband”, JFK, or that “women are too emotional for politics”. At that point in time (the 1960's) her statements wouldn’t have been nearly as controversial as they are today; it was simply a world very far removed from today’s reality. So it’s interesting to think about Jackie O’s grandkids’ reactions and how so much can change in just a couple generations.
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Liquore al Basilico - Homemade Basil Moonshine

Liquore al basilico - the original recipe and our batch, Day 3

We came back from our honeymoon and not even 24 hours after our return we were already craving, well, EVERYTHING we’d been consuming for the past two weeks. In the morning we longed for a fluffy mound of sheep’s milk ricotta and homemade jam on our toast, lunch just wasn’t the same without just-picked, still hot from the sun tomatoes and a bottle of Primitivo (especially without the Primitivo), and Dinner… let’s not even get in to that! I might cry.
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Smithfield Foods, A Personal Education

I’ve long heard in the non-conventional food media about Smithfield Foods. Surely, I’ve eaten a lot of their food products and, if you eat pork, chances are you have too. So I wanted to learn more about Smithfield and do some of my own research. Here’s what I learned.

Who is Smithfield Foods?

Smithfield Foods began as a pork processing operation called The Smithfield Packing Company, founded in 1936 by Joseph W. Luter and his son, Joseph W. Luter, Jr. After a long series of acquisitions beginning in the early 1980’s Smithfield grew to become the largest pork processor and hog producer in the world. At the end of 2010 Smithfield sold its turkey operations and a 49% interest in Butterball. Earlier in 2010 Smithfield sold its live cattle operations. Currently, nearly 100% of Smithfield’s sales are derived from the sale of pig-related products. Packaged meat is sold domestically under the Smithfield, Farmland, Healthy Ones, John Morrell, Margherita and many other brand names.

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