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Levon, The Yard Tiger Special, and An Outdoor Cat is Born

Levon, exhaustedThe other day I asked on our Facebook page what people wanted us to write about. I like to ramble about electric fencing, guinea fowl, and so forth, but I have to imagine our readers would rather hear about something else. So my loving sister suggested I write an update about Levon, our lone feline friend (as opposed to our feline enemies, the bobcats).

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The Heat Is On - Our First Breeding Season Begins

Gozer, putting the moves on Tijeras

A few months ago, Scrapple and I had a little kitchen table meeting to strategize our first breeding season. We decided that we would aim to kid at the beginning of April. By that time the grass is growing and the sun is warm but the insects aren't yet out in full force. Goats have a 5 month gestation period so this meant we would breed at the end of October/beginning of November. 

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Come Walk With Me - Mushroom Foraging

Through the woods I went this week, hunting for Lion's Mane. It's a delicious edible mushroom that looks like something from Dr. Seuss' imagination.  

Please please do not eat mushrooms that you find in the woods (or in your yard) until you have been trained to ID them (googling does not count). Many edible mushrooms have poisonus look-alikes and it's just not worth the risk. A good way to learn more would be participate in the walks your local mycological society hosts.

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Pig Pen Expansion

Pig Maze?

While we're on the topic of letting wild animals loose, I might as well write about what the pigs have been up to. They aren't yet roaming in electrically fenced areas like the bucks (and the rest of our animals), but they're getting there. 

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Cows and Electric Polywire

This isn't a happy post. Nor a post about how to fence cows with polywire.

Corrina, the day we got her
We had our first big loss on the farm today. Corrina, our 10 month old heifer cow died. More accurately, she strangled to death. Farming isn't always pleasant, although most of the time we really enjoy our new occupation. 

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