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Grinding Whole Grains for Flour and Breadmaking

Grinding whole wheat berries with the Kitchen-Aid

As I mentioned previously, we started buying whole grains from a local, organic farmer to feed our goats (Windy Acres is the name of the farm, if you live in TN and want to check them out. We love them.). We sprout the whole grains and that’s what our goats eat on the milking stand. Sweetbreads wrote about the process last week.   

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Bucks Get a Grazing Paddock

The two buddies, grazing together in the forest, makes me happy

Today was a big day for the bucks (and us too). They got a paddock outside of their pen so they could browse and graze in the forest. Prior to today, I would chop down saplings and bring them fresh forage. Now they can harvest their own food.

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Rust Dye - Farm Art Project(!)

When we moved in, one of the first things we did was clean up what is now the goat stall and holding area (where the herd hangs while the four big girls are being milked). We found pile after pile of old rusty metal. Hooks, nails, stakes, chains, saw blades, hammer heads, horse shoes... you name it, we found it - caked in dusty orange. We started filling buckets full of it that we've added to just about every week we've been here. At the time, I fantasized a bit about making something out of it all... an industrial chandelier or some sort of wall art, a collage of rusty tools on the well house wall. The most recent idea, and one that was a little more realistic in terms of time commitment, was rust dying. 
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Goat Buck Pen - The Finer Points

Electric fence insulator, gate handle and hot wire clip

The last post on the bucks omitted a lot of the little details about the pen that we just made up on the fly, but that might be helpful for someone looking to build a pen. Before we started frequenting the Co-Op and Tractor Supply I never knew most of the stuff we use everyday even existed. I hope that by sharing the details other readers who are interested in the little stuff can get a better idea of exactly how it's all put together. I'd also love to hear feedback and what other people have done that worked well for them.

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Goat Buck Pad

My lovely wife putting on the finishing touches

Male animals on the farm are a difficult proposition. They’re harder to manage, they’re stronger and they generally only have one thing on their mind. Yet you need them to make milk. If you don’t have babies you don’t have milk. So we needed some bucks to help us breed our ladies this fall for milk in the spring.

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