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Goat Birthing Madness: The Elite Eight

Milk lips. Ready for a napCalima and Chinook, born to Zephyr (names of winds) We're in the midst of our own version of March Madness. Goat Birthing Madness! Finally, a week after we posted about Sandia, our first goat born on the farm, we're getting a little breather and have a minute to catch up with you. Over the intervening time we've had four more does kid and now we're awash with eight little adorable baby goats. We have one more expecting mother, Mayday, who is due on April 8th, and then our kidding season is over for the year. Despite being relatively sleep deprived and having been covered in baby goat poop, pee, milk, amniotic fluids, or a melange of the four (there comes a time when you realize that it's absolutely pointless to put clean jeans on) for the past 5 days, It's been a joy and a true privilege to see these precious little beings come into the world.