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Changing Light

Every year around this time I find myself wondering how Summer has slipped away so swiftly. As much as I love Fall and its tee shirt weather (yep!) days and cool cozy sweater nights, when the chill starts to creep in, I get a little wistful and can't help but think "Wait! I'm not ready for Winter!". This year's Summer's end was especially poignant. Our son George turned 1 and his babyhood is tiptoeing away along with the sunny evenings and fireflies. The light has been so beautiful, a last hurrah before it leaves us for the rest of the year. 




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A Season Of Cheese

As hard as it is to believe, after 37 weeks and 22 different cheeses, our first full season of milking and cheesemaking for our herd-share has come to a close. What a season it was! Finally, after years of planning and preparation, we started to live our dream of providing local and sustainable food to our community. It has been incredibly fulfilling and we are so thankful for our amazing herd-share members who decided to jump on board and give us a chance. We'll be back at it in May and can't wait! 

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Using Animals as Lawn Mowers: Pros and Cons

I've always loved the concept of using animals as lawn mowers.  Since well before we had any animals I dreamed of ruminants grazing the lawn and never having to worry about a mower.

So when I saw our pals at Rough Draft Farmstead posting about their Lambmowers and simultaneously engaging in a "animals as lawn mowers" conversation with a Facebook follower, I got back to day dreaming about the day when lawn mowing and weed whacking would not be necessary.

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Raw Milk Cheese From Little Seed

Our raw goat's milk brie style cheese - Calima.Our raw goat's milk brie style cheese - Calima.

Many of you have probably seen photos of our cheese and ramblings about a "cheese herd-share" or a "cheese CSA" on Facebook or Instagram and wondered what was going on. Well, let us fill you in, because it's been a huge leap for us this year and we just realized that we never posted about it on the blog!

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Combining the Herd

Walking the herd back to pasture for the first time.Walking the herd back to pasture for the first time.

About a week ago we decided to combine the baby goat herd with the big goat herd. For the past 16 weeks the babies were managed separately as we slowly weaned them off milk and transitioned them to a grassfed diet. Most farms would wean the baby goats onto grain and hay, or a combination of grain and pasture. We decided to go straight to 100% pasture. All of our goats that are not being milked are entirely grassfed. This is possible because of our rotational grazing system.

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