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Bobcat on the Night Cam - Guard Dogs Doin' Work

Our use of the night cams just got a little more interesting. The feline you see above was caught prowling the north perimeter of the farm. Fortunately, she was well outside the perimeter fence and thus far we haven't seen one inside the perimeter fence, or really even too close to the perimeter fence. 

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The Life of Joplin - Blowflies Strike

"Hey man, can I help you with something?"

Our first birth on the farm was three weeks ago. It was the adorable little Joplin. We haven't written about her much since then. With the beef cows there's just not that much action. For Janis (Joplin's mom) and Corrina, it's just eat grass, chew cud, drink water, move to a new paddock, and repeat. Joplin's basically the same, just throw in some quality time on the udder. The cows are easy and I love them for it. One strand of hot wire keeps 'em fenced in. Fresh grass and water keeps 'em happy. And I don't have a whole lot to worry about. 

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Transitioning to Farm Life - Sweetbreads

I would love to see a post about how you're adjusting to the long hours, hard work, and general transition to farm life. Also relative social isolation after leaving the city. 

You're the first person to ask just the right questions. Everyone of our friends and family that we speak with or see in person want's to know how we're adjusting. Do we like it as much as we thought we would? Do we miss the city? Are probably the questions we are asked most often and 


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Postcards from Little Seed - 8.25.12

Little Joplin always has the best hairdo.
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The Case of The Terrified Chooks - Part II

Got your man on camera chooks, now what?

Lady Guinea, bald rump and all, was at least accounted for. All day the chooks had been going about their business, foraging and taking dust baths as usual. Elvis crowed all day, Winona followed us around squawking, just the usual day for a chook on the farm. Or at least we thought.

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